The morning session will be made up of a series of diverse talks that give an overview of the topic, shed light on current work and research in LGBTQ Health, and bring together why inclusive health care is important. 

LGBTQ Health 101

Chelsea Kelba, Calgary Sexual Health Centre

Overview: This talk will provide an overview of LGBTQ Health, and will address topics such as myths and stereotypes related to LGBTQ people, and define important concepts such as the differences between sexual orientation, sexual behaviour, and gender. The diverse health needs of LGBTQ communities will be reviewed, with a focus on how discrimination and social isolation can lead to poor health outcomes in LGBTQ populations.


LGBTQ Health Research Snapshot

Brian Hansen and Dr. Carmen Logie, facilitated by Dr. Zena Sharman

Overview: Enhancing the evidence base around LGBTQ health is integral to designing services and policy to improve health and wellness of LGBTQ communities. This session will focus on two key initiatives in LGBTQ health research. The Calgary Men’s Wellness Initiative is a community-based research project investigating the health and wellness needs of gay, bisexual, queer, and trans men in Calgary. Queer Women Conversations is a group-based psycho-educational HIV/STI intervention with LBQ women in Calgary and Toronto. Key findings will be illustrated, highlighting important implications for health service delivery, and next steps for LGBTQ health research in Alberta.


Plenary Session: Why Stories Matter: Delivering Patient-Centred Care to LGBTQ Populations

Dr. Zena Sharman

How do stories build understanding, foster empathy and create connection between LGBTQ patients and their health care providers? How can they be used to support patient-centred care? This talk draws on real-life examples to explore the power of personal narrative and the health knowledge that circulates in queer and trans communities. It centres patients’ voices and offers evidence-informed strategies providers can use to enhance the experiences of their LGBTQ patients.

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